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VAT taxpayer status verification of your contractors

During the first two months of 2017 more than 20 thousand companies have been removed from VAT taxpayer register of Polish Ministry of Finance.

If your contractor is no longer listed as an active VAT taxpayer and was indicated by you as a supplier (e.g. in your monthly SAF-T – JPK_VAT file), your company may be sanctioned with VAT penalty.

Our solution allows fast and effective verification of your contractors’ VAT taxpayer status.

How does it work?

Fast and easy way for mitigating the risk of VAT sanctions.

Provide us with the list of tax id numbers that you want to verify.

You can send it as a text file, an Excel file or Polish SAF-T file (JPK_VAT file).

For each tax id number that you provide we will perform the verification of VAT taxpayers’ status using Polish Ministry of Finance’s tool.

After the verification – according to agreed schedule – we will send you a report with the outcome of verification for each provided tax id number.

Moreover, each report has an attachment with an archive of screenshots of Polish Ministry of Finance tool used for each verified tax id number – this will allow you to maintain a historical proof of verification – e.g. in case when some of your contractors will be removed from VAT taxpayers’ register.

Depending on your needs we offer flexible packets of verifications service.

If you would prefer an individual offer please contact us.

Verification of

up to 100

Polish tax ID nos.

100 PLN

net of VAT

Verification of

up to 500 

Polish tax ID nos.

250 PLN

net of VAT

Verification of

up to 2000 

Polish tax ID nos.

800 PLN

net of VAT

Verification of

over 2000 

Polish tax ID nos.

ask for quote

We offer rebates for clients that want to cooperate with us on an ongoing basis.

You can use our services on an ongoing basis or only in the periods that you require.

If you need to verify a larger volume of Polsih tax id numbers or you would prefer a different schedule – contact us – we will prepare a dedicated offer for you.

Free demonstration of our services is only available for active companies & entrepreneurs and subject to availability of our consultants.

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